4 must-haves no lead generation website should be without

Lead generation is the foundation that the digital economy is built on. Without lead generation the companies that call the net their home, whether exclusively or otherwise, simply would not be able to connect with their customers, win their business, and up that profit.

There are endless lead generation tactics that businesses can use to define a strategy that enables them to achieve just that. These techniques evolve regularly, sometimes daily, to ensure audiences are captivated and Google (and other search engines) remain satisfied.

Your website is a vital part of the wider lead generation puzzle. It should after all make it as simple and straightforward as possible for potential customers to engage with your brand and guide them on a journey to checkout or get in touch with your business. With this in mind, there are some must-have features that no self-respecting lead generation website should be without. So, how does your website measure up?

  1. Easy navigation

An overcomplicated website is the first thing that’ll lose leads. The navigation throughout your lead generation website should be consistent and easy to follow. If a customer can’t get where they want to be in a few clicks, they’re more likely to head over to your competitor for a simpler ride.

  1. A ‘user-first’ focus

As experts in all things SEO, web design and digital marketing, we understand just how easy it is to focus on satisfying the search engines in your quest for web domination. A website designed and developed with just the search engines in mind however is likely to be a flop with your target audience.

Find the perfect balance to satisfy the search engines and your customers by thinking user-first when it comes to your website.

  1. Calls-to-action

Calls-to-action aren’t just useful when placed at the end of a blog post. They should be used throughout your website to encourage your customer to stick with you and get in touch.

Any old call-to-action won’t do however. They have to be thoughtful and in tune with your target audience as well as clear, concise and consistent. Keep your calls-to-action to the point, use clickable contact details to make life easy for mobile browsers, or better yet, integrate contact forms into every web page.

  1. Reviews or testimonials

What previous customers think about your goods or services can be defining in potential customers’ buying decisions. Make sure they have the information they need to shop confidently with you by supplying reviews or testimonials to build trust and demonstrate a good reputation.

Need help getting your lead generation website on-point or want to start your digital journey off on the right foot? Contact us today to discuss your lead generation ambitions.