SEO for Fire Risk Assessment

Workplace Safety Giant Comes Back On Board…

As the first word in workplace fire training and the first port of call for many businesses looking to discover the safety solutions that will not only help them fulfil their legal obligations but uphold their moral duties too, we were of course delighted to welcome Workplace Fire & Safety Training (WFST) on board as a new SEO client.

Our team is no stranger to the company however; when WFST launched back in 2014, we delivered an extremely successful SEO campaign so it’s great to see the firm coming back for more.

Reinvesting in organic SEO

It was the WFST team’s search for organic traffic that has brought them back to us. Unfortunately, the company had seen a reduction in traffic and visibility since taking a break from the online marketing scene – a mistake that many companies across multiple industries make – however WFST is back with a new appreciation for the return on investment that a great, well planned and expertly implemented SEO campaign can deliver.

So what’s new?

The world of search engine optimisation is a beast that is difficult for many to comprehend, and our SEO team spend a lot of time keeping on top of the latest and greatest trends and techniques so companies like WFST don’t have to. As well as new and improved SEO strategies becoming common practice, the objectives of WFST have evolved since they first approached us for assistance two years ago.

In addition to re-establishing themselves online, as they have offline, as a leader in fire safety training, the client is now keen to market their services to new catchment areas with excellent business growth enabling them to extend their reach into new markets.

The story so far

Despite only coming back on board some six weeks ago, we have already ranked two of their keywords on page one of Google. Traffic has also increased dramatically, by 150% in December 2015 to be exact, in comparison with the same statistics gathered in December 2014. Page views have increased by 95%, which is excellent progress as we now know that people are finding their website and actually reading and engaging with the content found on those landing pages.
Whilst work is still underway for WFST, the progress so far has been an excellent result for our returning client and we look forward to building on the successes secured so far!

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