Goldstar Supplements Returns…

Goldstar Supplements Returns to Us After a 5 Year Hiatus!

We’re pleased to announce that one of our clients has returned to us to invigorate their SEO campaign. Goldstar Supplements is a market leader in the bodybuilding industry and is known for their discount supplements superstore as well as their expertise and experience. In addition to operating as a supplement store, the company works with bodybuilders of all abilities from their Newcastle upon Tyne based gym and has helped to train some of the UK’s top bodybuilders.

Their online presence is particularly important to them, and after leaving us almost five years ago, they’re back in search of bigger and better representation on the net and to their target audience.

Their sales journey so far

Goldstar Supplements is no stranger to online selling success, and has so far accumulated a bevy of sales and a strong customer base on both Amazon and eBay. To build on this success, they want to improve their sales figures through their own website, which actively promotes both their extensive range of bodybuilding supplements and their gym facilities. The team at Goldstar has come to us for help and has decided to focus on organic SEO to push extra sales and channel them directly through their website.

Why us?

Our team has worked with Goldstar Supplements in the past not just to improve their online marketing prowess but to develop the website you see today. As a result, we already have a solid working relationship with Goldstar and, even before work starts, have complete understanding of just how their team operates.

Since winning the contract to deliver the SEO campaign for Goldstar, we have been working closely with their management team to build on what we already know, delve deeper into the story behind the brand and get all the facts we need to build and deliver a robust SEO plan that suits them and garners the success that they’ve been searching for.

Our work

After a lengthy consultation process, we have been hard at work developing a suitable SEO campaign. Despite our previous knowledge and experience working with the brand, we have really started from the ground up. Work began with extensive keyword and competitor research, which gave us the information we needed to successfully implement completely fresh on-page optimisation. The web copy also benefitted from a refresh, with content throughout the site optimised and rewritten to inspire engagement with their target audience.

An aggressive link building campaign was also given the go ahead and this part of the campaign was specifically developed to improve their current organic positions, but did it work?

Whilst it is still early days, in month one we can already report an increase in sales coming directly through the Goldstar website. Traffic has also increased dramatically, which the client is extremely happy about.

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