A Brand New Website for a Brand New Invention…Mix-M8

As the inventor of a new, revolutionary mixing tool, Mix-M8 is one company that is no doubt on the cutting edge of their industry. Their product officially takes mixing concrete and plaster to a whole new level, and its new technologically advanced mixing paddle delivers on speed, efficiency and performance, three factors that have remained unmatched by its competitors.

Mix-M8’s product has been so successful throughout the concrete and plaster mixing marketplace that it recently caught the eye of international tool giant OX, who will now be heading up sales and marketing. As innovators within their industry, Mix-M8’s website was not a shining example of just how forward-thinking the company was, which is why their team approached our web design agency for assistance.

Mixing it up

As part of the OX sales and marketing takeover, Mix-M8 wanted to ensure that its website complemented OX’s branding. The Mix-M8 team were looking for the new website to use OX’s corporate colours as well as give the entire site a fresh, new, modern look and feel.

We’re no stranger to Mix-M8 and their amazing product, our web design team has in fact worked with them before to complete various projects. Thanks to this knowledge, we were quickly able establish their requirements for the new site, and develop an engaging, fully responsive platform that would successfully showcase their wares.

A few welcome extras

In addition to meeting their brief, our web design experts worked to make the site more user friendly, a move that has been welcomed by Mix-M8 and will certainly be appreciated by the customers who love or are just getting to know their product. We simplified the website’s navigational structure, integrated video and social media feeds, and made the website extra visual with the use of high res videos and images. The visual impact of the website is the key to the overall success of the design, and offers an easy and informative way for people to gain a real insight into their innovative mixing product and how it works.

We also included facilities such as a carousel of client testimonials, demonstration videos and news feed.

The verdict?

Once the design concepts were ready, we worked closely with OX to ensure that all of their corporate requirements had been addressed and once all boxes had been ticked, we moved onto the development stage of the project. The website you see today uses WordPress, a framework which enables the website to grow alongside the product.

Mix-M8 and OX Tools were both delighted with the end result, and we look forward to seeing Mix-M8 grow from strength to strength and continue their global domination! View the finished product created by our web design team for yourself by visiting www.mix-m8.co.uk.