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In today’s technologically driven world, it seems everyone is a sucker for the latest gadgets, and when browsing the net we’re no longer restricted to completing our online shopping or perusing our favourite websites on a laptop or desktop computer. Yes, times have certainly changed, and just like our move away from dial up, responsive websites have become a must for new and existing customers from Newcastle and beyond.

Keeping your website functional, user friendly and compatible with multiple devices is a must for every Newcastle-based business, whether you operate predominantly online or traffic received via your website accounts for just a small part of your clientele. The multi-platform market however is easy to take advantage of thanks to our responsive web design service, and with mobile and tablet web traffic set to overtake desktop use it makes perfect business sense to bring your website and applications into the 21st century.

responsive web design

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Our old friend Google has made it even more important to fine-tune your website with the recent introduction of its latest algorithm. Aptly named ‘mobilegeddon’, the update has the power to omit non-responsive websites from mobile SERPs, which means online businesses looking to take their own slice of the market could find their products or services don’t get the representation they deserve. In fact, without the right design and development, websites that aren’t responsive could be virtually invisible to the customers that keep their company afloat.

Mobile and tablet users have officially taken over across a number of industries, and to cater to the multi-device masses, and their ever-growing selection of screen sizes, your website must be tailored to those viewing on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Whether you want a brand new website that is responsive and mobile-ready or wish to hit refresh on your existing site, our web designers are here to help. As a proud veteran (yes, we’ve been at this for more than 10 years), our growing team of professionals have the skills and knowledge to not just protect you from mobilegeddon but create a responsive experience that keeps your clients satisfied.

Contact our responsive web design specialists today and take a powerful and modern approach to the design and development of your website.



  • With PPC, (pay per click) you get traffic instantly, you are in full control and can turn it off whenever you like.

  • A mobile friendly website has greater chances of generating purchases from as much as 67% of users.

  • Users take only 2.6 seconds to skim over a website, Make sure yours can grab their attention and interest quickly.

  • With correct keyword research and successful SEO results, you can expect to benefit from a consistent flow of traffic.

  • 97% of consumers search online for products or services. Is your business easy to find? Call Onit today on 0191 209 0398.

  • No website is an island, and when designing it you should consider your other marketing content and how it reinforces your online profile.

  • Your homepage is the most important part of your website, particularly for first-time visitors. Make sure it has the right impact!

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