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How to Drive Conversions To My Website

Five Ways to Drive Conversions through Good Web Design First and foremost, an effective website should showcase your company and what you have to offer. But it should also do more than that; it should generate results, whether in the form of sales, subscriptions, enquiries or anything else. As well as being easy to use,… Read More

two trends in web-design

Two Trends in Web Design

Infinite and Parallax Scrolling Over the past couple of months we’ve looked a lot at responsive web design and the benefits it can bring to your website.  It now seems an apt time to touch on two more emerging trends in web design right now: parallax scrolling and infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling Since the days… Read More

web design simplicity

Is 2014 Going to be the Year of Web Design Simplicity?

Web Design Simplicity One of the many driving forces behind the development of the Internet has been the idea of making things easier and more convenient – from communication and shopping to entertainment and business management. But as things have moved on, many parts of the Internet have become much more complex, with some webmasters… Read More

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