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score with your web-design

Five Ways to Score with your Web Design

Web Design Scores Whether you love football, hate it or just couldn’t care less, the World Cup is upon us at last, and set to dominate television screens, newspapers and many of your male friends’ conversation topics for the next four weeks. It will also undoubtedly inspire many loosely football-themed posts in the blogosphere, so… Read More

web design trends

Forbes Says Farewell to Five Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends Web design is constantly changing, and that website that was cutting-edge three years ago may well be looking a little tired by now. New trends come in and old ones fall by the wayside to be eventually discarded and forgotten. Forbes has recently covered some of what it believes are the latter,… Read More

infinite scrolling

Is Infinite Scrolling a Toy or a Tool?

To Infinity and Beyond If unsure what ‘infinite scrolling’ is, head over to Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter for a quick practical demonstration. All three of these sites have implemented infinite scrolling recently, and for them it seems to be working. But would it work for your site? Infinite scrolling does what it says. Rather than… Read More

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