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feel the need for speed

Online shoppers

Feel the need for speed We’ve come a long way since 56k dial-up connections and webpages that gave you time to make a cup of tea while they loaded. But far from being grateful for the increased ease and rapidity with which they can shop and engage in other activities online, today’s Internet audience is… Read More

website testing

Testing your website

Testing your website: is it necessary? You’ve designed your website, optimised it for the search engines, now it’s ready to go, right? Possibly, but possibly not. Recent research carried out by Econsultancy and RedEye ( has revealed that only 71% of businesses test their websites. The finding comes from a survey of around 1,000 marketers… Read More

designing online forms

Five Things to Remember when Designing Online Signup Forms

Designing Online Signup Forms Few areas of website design are as interactive as signup forms, and when done right these can be a powerful way of gaining email subscribers, account holders, leads and customers for your business. To help you get the most out of your online forms, here are five simple things to bear… Read More

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