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Google Changes Its Name to Alphabet

Easy as A, B, C? Google is no stranger to hogging the technology headlines and this week was no different. The search engine giant has always been one for going against the grain and this latest move is testament to their alternative style. Google is now Alphabet, a change that has shocked many browsers but… Read More

seo 2015

SEO for 2015

SEO: 3 Things to Work on For the Rest of 2015 Search engine optimisation or SEO is still a real mystery for many, particularly businesses that simply don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with the latest algorithm updates and changes. However, despite the enigmatic nature of the SEO world, optimising your website… Read More

cmb training

New SEO Campaign for CMB Training

Successful SEO Regardless of what industry sector you fall into, the importance of taking care of your workforce, both mentally and physically, isn’t lost on any organisation. CMB Training & Coaching is one such service that aims to encourage better health at work, and their range of mental health first aid and awareness courses have… Read More

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