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What is the Google Quality Update

Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Quality Update’ It seems every other week Google is releasing some manner of algorithm update, and whether we like it or not, as a business whose online platform relies on being seen to generate leads and subsequent sales, taking note of ranking changes is vital. Just last month… Read More


New Online Platform and SEO Campaign

Coating Consultant Safinah Here at Onit Solutions, we just love to share the stories behind our client work and when coating consultant Safinah approached us to lend a hand with enhancing their online presence, we took the project on with gusto! Safinah has been a valued client of ours since 2011, and as a brand… Read More


Are you Leveraging Schema Mark-ups when Optimising for Search?

Schema Mark-ups When it comes to optimising your website to get the best possible results (ie. prominent rankings and abundant traffic) there are many different components of SEO to consider. Some are essential, while others are generally considered merely optional and even ignored by webmasters. But might you be overlooking something that could be of… Read More

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