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infinite scrolling

Is Infinite Scrolling a Toy or a Tool?

To Infinity and Beyond If unsure what ‘infinite scrolling’ is, head over to Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter for a quick practical demonstration. All three of these sites have implemented infinite scrolling recently, and for them it seems to be working. But would it work for your site? Infinite scrolling does what it says. Rather than… Read More

web content

What type of content does your website need?

Website content If you’ve had an online presence for any length of time then you’re unlikely to have missed the hordes of marketers, gurus and search engine optimisation professionals telling you that you need to invest in content. Content is, they say, king, and the key to your online success. But what exactly do they… Read More

newcastle views

Five Good Reasons to use Photos in your Web Design

Use Photos in your Web Design In a post recently on Econsultancy, entitled ‘Does mobile mean the end of photography in web design’ (, Ben Davis suggests that consumers are increasingly favouring ‘slick mobile sites’ that eschew photographs. He goes on to say that photography is becoming rarer online, and that many people negatively associate… Read More

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