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Five Good Reasons to use Photos in your Web Design

Use Photos in your Web Design In a post recently on Econsultancy, entitled ‘Does mobile mean the end of photography in web design’ (, Ben Davis suggests that consumers are increasingly favouring ‘slick mobile sites’ that eschew photographs. He goes on to say that photography is becoming rarer online, and that many people negatively associate… Read More

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How to Leverage Summer to your SEO Advantage

Use Summer to your SEO Advantage The seasons are known to have a substantial impact on the moods and spending habits of consumers. Traditional retailers have long leveraged this fact to their advantage with seasonal displays (think temporary stands full of either sunglasses or de-icer). The seasons can also have a significant effect upon the… Read More

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How to inject personality into your web design

How to make your web design memorable Whether you’re a traditional business updating your online presence or a brand new e-commerce start-up, one of the most important things to put into the web design process is your brand’s personality. Don’t go for generic designs and dull cautious aesthetics – be bold and make your online… Read More

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