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Property Sales, Rental and Management Specialist Easiliving

Newcastle Estate Agent gets the Onit Treatment As a leading property expert in Newcastle upon Tyne, Jesmond and the surrounding areas, Easiliving has earned the reputation of the region’s premier estate agent. Formerly known as Easilet, the company was in search of a brand new online image to retain their position as market leader and… Read More

responsive web design

What Does Google’s Mobilegeddon Mean for Your Business?

Google’s Mobilegeddon Delivering a great experience for users is a vital part of creating and managing any website, but with Google’s mobile focused algorithm change, alternative methods of browsing are now being thrown into the mix. Introduced on 21st April 2015, ‘mobilegeddon’ is actually making being mobile friendly a must for increasing your ranking. But… Read More

seo friendly heaven

6 Steps to SEO Friendly Heaven

Small Business Guide For SEO improvements Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is one term that many small to medium sized business owners dread. But unbeknown to many, the phrase doesn’t have to be followed by a puzzled look! Despite the many algorithm changes enforced by the likes of Google (the latest being ‘mobilegeddon’), there are… Read More

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