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No Christmas Slowdown

No Signs of the Annual Christmas Slowdown for Team Onit Generally as the year starts to wind down, many agencies, including ourselves, experience a slowdown in business as Christmas approaches – which is often a welcome change as we prepare ourselves for the New Year – but we have been crazy busy just lately with… Read More

google possum

Has the Possum Update Rocked Your Local Listings?

Local Listings From Penguin to Possum, Google knows just how to rock the boat when it comes to search engine optimisation and those all-important rankings, and the latest algorithm update is all set to level the playing field with local listings. If you have noticed a change with your local search rankings lately, then chances… Read More

penguin goes real time

Penguin Goes Real Time!

Google Penguin Far from the cute, aquatic bird that we know and love, the term ‘Penguin’ has become the blight of many SEO enthusiasts and businesses looking to make it big on the web. It has been just over two years since the third incarnation of Google Penguin, but the new update and fourth version… Read More

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