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In previous years, the journey to the very top of page one was a dirty old game, in fact, many companies (not including ourselves) used a range of scrupulous tactics to get the ranking results that their clients wanted. Whatever you want to call them, these toxic, bad and unnatural links, many of which offered short term ranking success initially, now cause major issues for an array of online businesses.

Link removal is an important way of boosting search engine visibility sustainably, and by completing a full audit of all backlinks to your website, our backlink profile clean dream team can remove the bad links that left your website and wider brand in Google’s dog house! As part of our backlink removal service, we actively identify the toxic links that could be causing harm to your rankings and do all the legwork to ensure that these links can be removed, whether that means paying for their removal or contacting site owners to request link removal when instant payment is not an option.

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Our Process

Recover from a Google Penalty

Everyone can benefit from a detox, and the same theory applies to your website, particularly if you have been hit with a Google penalty. Whether you want to win Google over, find stronger link opportunities, protect yourself from penalties or just make a full recovery, our link detox service ensures your website and wider business doesn’t have to suffer from loss of traffic.

As well as completing detailed backlink analysis, and removing any links that stood in the way of your rankings, we can also perform a link detox boost to help you make a speedy recovery from your Google penalty. Using the latest tools and techniques, we can restore rankings and traffic, plus give you the help you need to recover from both manual and algorithmic Google penalties.

Your website’s link detox doesn’t end there either, our specialists can create and upload a Google disavow file, a process that helps you recover your website’s rankings by removing the low quality, spammy links that at first glance you had no control over.

Our holistic service is designed to work with your business, and whilst a complete service is available, we can alternatively carry out the audit, identify toxic links and create a disavow file so you can take full control of your own link profile. Start your detox today by contacting our dedicated team, they’re a talented bunch!

  • With PPC, (pay per click) you get traffic instantly, you are in full control and can turn it off whenever you like.

  • A mobile friendly website has greater chances of generating purchases from as much as 67% of users.

  • Users take only 2.6 seconds to skim over a website, Make sure yours can grab their attention and interest quickly.

  • With correct keyword research and successful SEO results, you can expect to benefit from a consistent flow of traffic.

  • 97% of consumers search online for products or services. Is your business easy to find? Call Onit today on 0191 209 0398.

  • No website is an island, and when designing it you should consider your other marketing content and how it reinforces your online profile.

  • Your homepage is the most important part of your website, particularly for first-time visitors. Make sure it has the right impact!

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